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Topics of interest include cocktails, food, travel, objects, contemporary art, fractal societal collapse, good chairs, cities, and typefaces, in no order.

You want an explanation

The only unique thing about text is that I am making it. Fortunately, I am very weird and totally great, and I am also witty, fun, and really just a general pleasure to be around.

There are details

Every other post is paywalled. To receive as much text as possible, which is strongly preferable, you can subscribe on a monthly or annual basis. If you subscribe annually, you save 18% in the long run.

If we break even on my basic living expenses, I’ll un-paywall everything, provide text twice as often, and give you a bunch more benefits – think Q&A calls, special projects, even discounts on Draft’s books & courses.

In joining us, you are giving me permission to do all the cool stuff that I do, and to keep being the best possible human I can be. (I have Craig Mod to thank for this particular verbiage.)

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