Hello! I’m a designer and writer from the northwest side of the city of Chicago. I run Draft. Here’s a complete list of what I’m working on right now:

  1. Serving my paying clients. All of my new engagements are for research-focused A/B testing.
  2. Writing books. I wrote Cadence & Slang, a very small book about interaction design, in 2010. Draft Evidence, a compendium of work from the past five years, was released in September 2016. The A/B Testing Manual is forthcoming, and preorders are available.
  3. Sending weekly letters. I love writing to folks about design, business, and life. You can subscribe to my weekly letters for free. If you want to generate revenue for your business, you should join Revise Weekly for only $49/month.
  4. Recording a podcast called Make Money Online with my friend Kai Davis. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to run an independent consulting business, start there.

Those are my only priorities until further notice. Email my assistant if you’d like to get in touch; providing trusted references ensures your email will be put in front of me. If you wish to quote me or cite my work for press purposes, my biography is here. Thanks!